RSS Feed Creator project has been followed up by the Feeds project at

What is RSS Feed Creator?

RSS Feed Creator is an addon for Hippo CMS that lets you create RSS feeds from within the CMS. You can create as many feeds as you like, and for each feed you can setup filters to determine which documents to include.

RSS Feed Creator includes an RSS Feed document type for Hippo CMS, and an HST component that you can drop in your HST website to display the feeds you created.

Project status

The latest release of RSS Feed Creator is 1.04.00, running on ECM 7.5 (2.18.00) and HST 2.20.00.

Release CMS HST
1.04.00 7.5 (2.18.00) 2.20.00
1.03.00 7.4 (2.16.xx) 2.05.xx
1.02.05, 1.02.06 7.3 (2.12.xx) 2.04.xx

See the release notes for more information.

See the project tracker for a list of bugs and feature requests.

How can I use RSS Feed Creator in my project?

Follow the install and usage instructions.

Then learn how to customize RSS Feed Creator for your environment.